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About Me    Beth Selter

  My story is a classic tale, really.  "Shy, timid, socially awkward young girl is saved by theater."  Yes-Halleluyah! Theater saves! I've seen the Kleig light & I've been blessed!  And through the wisdom and insight of  a few tender teachers, my world evolved. I immersed myself as a theater major in college, got a post-graduate degree from the NY Academy, interned at Williamstown Theater Festival & studied voice privately from the age of 16. I was determined to study & to work! 

  Characters taught me courage and conversation.  Acting taught me self-awareness, assertivness and articulation. Music opened my heart to emotion I never had words to express. I discovered my voice.

   But my passion for theater was not exclusive. It needed to be shared with my desire to be a wife & mother & to build a family.  It also needed to be shared with my  identify as a modern orthodox Jewish woman. No easy feat!  But with the support of my husband, five kids and wonderful friends who believed not only in my talent but also in my mission- -I have had a very gratifying, multi-dimensional career.  I bypassed the Broadway track and  made "Cabaret" my venue of choice,  as it offered me the flexibility for my lifestyle.  I also found great reward in working with kids in schools and camps, producing quality theater often amidst not-so-quality conditions.  Resourcefulness & creativity have always been my key.  Working on basic elements such as team building, projection, eye contact & "making an entrance," are life skills so often ignored, yet so greatly needed. I was "paying it forward."

    Now, my kids are grown, I've a new show on the cabaret circuit, I'm still directing & teaching & I have a coaching studio in my home.   I am blessed indeed.

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